Partnerships for Lowell Kids Week

Lowell Kids Week and April PLAYcation are presented by / Lowell Festival de Niños y  JUEGAción de abril son presentados por

Special thanks to Lowell National Historical Park for their support of Lowell Kids Week!


Family Festival 2018!

The Family Festival is the kickoff event for Lowell Kids Week

Stop by the Boott Cotton Mills Counting House (115 John St.) at Lowell National Historical Park from 11AM-3PM on Monday, February 19 to meet your neighbors and get crafty! 

At 1:30PM, the Lowell Humane Society will be hosting a special workshop, “Be A Tree,” on dog bite prevention. 

Additional partners and participants include: YWCA Lowell, Lowell Alliance, Lowell Parks & Recreation Department, Girls, Inc. Lowell, Community Teamwork/Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association of Greater Lowell, Inc., Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, Lowell General Hospital, and Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust

Many thanks to all of our participating partners! 


Welcome to Lowell Kids Week! ¡Bienvenidos a Lowell Festival de Niños!

Lowell Kids Week and April PLAYcation is a partnership between many community organizations in Lowell, Massachusetts. We provide free, unique activities for kids and families during February and April school vacations.

Lowell Kids Week will take place February 19-24, 2018– and the COMPLETE SCHEDULE and WEEK AT A GLANCE are NOW AVAILABLE! We are excited to see you and are looking forward to having some fun!

Lowell Festival de Niños y JUEGAción de abril es una colaboración entre varias organizaciones en la ciudad de Lowell. Ofrecemos actividades gratis y únicas para niños y familias durante las vacaciones escolares en febrero y abril. 

Marquen sus calendarios – ¡Lowell Festival de Niños se llevara a cabo el 19-24 de febrero 2018! ¡El CALENDARIO COMPLETO y el vistazo semanal YA ESTAN DISPONIBLES¡Los esperamos muy pronto para una semana llena de diversión!

Remember, most events are free but many require pre-registration – please plan ahead!

La mayoría de nuestros programas son gratis, pero muchos tienen espacio limitado y necesitan pre-registración. Por favor mire los detalles de los programas para más información. 

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